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Default Leo Zagami, high level illuminati defector

As clubconspiracy is running at its end I would like to suggest a subject for future study to members of this forum. There is a lot of info and disinfo out their to choose from.

At the moment however one of the best subjects to study is Leo Zagami, a high level illuminati defector from Italy. He will not be around for a long time. Most likely he will either be killed or be thrown in jail pretty soon. I would everybody who is interested in understanding the NWO conspiracy to go to his website and download his 300+ articles. This information he wrote overthere will not be available for a long time and is not available anywhere else. His other website was closed already and his youtube videos are blocked. Leo was arrested already three times and tortured. You can imagine what will be next.

So if you are really interested in fighting the NWO, than go to his website and learn from him. This is a very rare opportunity. High level illuminati defectors do stay alive for a long time.

This is his website.

Have a good new year and I wish you will give Leo Zagami the change to take you to the next level.

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