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Default Re: Let's be honest, Jews are smarter than everybody else.

A serious Christian would agree that God chose the Jews to prepare the coming of the gospel. Since Jesus came, most of the work that Jews had to do was done.

It seems reasonable to understand that God has a plan for the Jews in the end times. The Bible says clearly that they will be saved. But if we study the Bible, we see that 2/3 of the Jews will be killed by earthquakes and by persecution from the antiChrist. And those who will be saved will be saved because they will believe in Jesus eventually, not because they have something special in themselves. The Bible says that they will cry for Him whom they have pierced (Jesus). Id est, they will realize that they screwed up big time.

Because this is God`s plan, it is not wise to persecute Jews or Israel. Israel has to exist in order for God`s plan to work, and He will make it work. However, and this is a BIG however, there is nothing in the Bible that tells us to side with the evil things that Israelis may be doing, much less to help them monetarily or politically. We are only to pray for the salvation of the Jews thru repentance and acceptance of Jesus. They are just sinners like you and me.

In fact, Israel's beliefs today have nothing to do with Old Testament. They are occultists of Kabala. The building shown in the previous post, the Judiciary Center of Israel, is full of occult symbols, an upside down cross for people to walk over (on the pond), a pyramid on the top, etc.

Finally, those who think that Jews always help Jews are very wrong. My wife`s family has been waiting for money from an inheritance for decades...the other part of the family has been deceiving them, using all kinds of legal tricks to prevent them from receiving their part, while at the same time they make money from the many proprieties by leasing. They are all jews.
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