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Default Re: Leo Zagami, high level illuminati defector

"One historical inconsistency of Davidís book has been closed by Mutwa, as he tells of how the reptilians ordered that no direct image of their real appearance was to be depicted by anyone, otherwise that would mean instant death"

Thats the reason why David does not show shapeshifting humans in his shows. Otherwise al the visitors would die.

This is the same shit that the socalled aliens tell us. They always say that its against galactic protocol to show themselves to humans.

Hopefully our reptilian fanatic Barbara will read this article. Maybe I should sent it to her.

Why I post this article? I think the David Icke case shows clearly how sophisticated the disinfo and mind control games are the illuminist are playing. Many people including Barbara fell for the reptilian hoax. The amount of people who fell for the alien hoax is enormous.
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