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Default Re: What Happened to Liberty Forum?

redrat11 wrote:
Just for the Record...

I was banned from

I was banned from

I was not ever banned from Liberty Forum, I was banned from the 2 Ziostooge sites above for posting stuff about jews and Zionism, Liberty forum I would'nt doubt is another stooge site, along with YET AGAIN about a 100 other sites or more.

So be aware if your going to write about the ludicrous "illuminati" hoax, then by all means you will be very welcome at just about every site on the net, however, if your a truth seeker like me, and you write about the Synagogue of Satan (Jews/Zionist) then you will be immediately banned from same forums.

If your reading this Makow, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to air my grievances against the Synagogue of Satan here, No one else would allow me.
I really don't think anyone is truly interested in keeping a record of your banishment from other forums.

Besides, you're a pathological liar, so you're probably not telling the truth.
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