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Default Re: What happend to Club Conspiracy


Prophecies, Visions, Writings, all these things we think we know, but nobody knows the future, not even the PTB. One thing for sure I do know, is that they will NEVER GET AWAY WITH THERE OUTLOOK on the world (World Government)it has never been accomplished in history, nor will it be accomplished, and we have this obscure invention called the personal computer to thank for that. A device that interconnects thoughts on a global scale, INTERCONNECTION of minds, we know to much about them,so we say, or is it the other way around? I tend to believe the first.

Internet Highways and Bi Ways...

I recall reading a article from a person working in a top secret research facility on computer cyberspace, and who controls what, this is what i remember what he said in my own version.

Imagine being in a vehicle traveling thru cyberspace, you can go in every concievabe direction, up, down, sideways, backwards, forward,it is always a straight line though. You must come to intersections whether you like it or not, this is where 'they' issue you a 'pass' to continue where you want to go, this 'pass' identifies you in cyberspace, this they use for tracking purposes around the cyberworld, once the pass is 'flagged' by unknown entities, the next intersection you come upon, the cyberpatrol awaits you. it's really no different than in the real world, also they like to entrap you, just like speed traps. Sooo the point is I have no idea....

Logical vs Illogical thinking...

Last night I had another 'Vision' I know..yet another one, but read this. I knew there was something in my consciousness about the above writings on the "ancient Cyber world" of todays internet, it's a old dinosuar. the above mentioned article I was reffering to, I found and verified what I was communicating about.

The future Internet will be FREEDOM OF THOUGHT on a GLOBAL SCALE untouched by the trolls and hackers of today, this is what i meant by the cyberpatrol, and the highways and bi ways of cyberspace of today. The present world of today uses logic as a means to a end, for example, in elementary math and beyond we are taught one certain way to calculate numbers, this does not compute with millions of people, I'm one of them, some peoples brains don't respond to a set of logical sequences, others do, so the people like me use "illogical" ways to come up with the same answer, there is not just one way, as everybody is taught to the answer, this is the problem with the public education system today, it fails on a mammoth scale. I'm getting of topic..

Ok, so the future internet will use this "illogical" thought process to erase the dinosaur thinking of today. It is logical, YES??? I want you to read this website here, it gives you a series of questions, you answer anyway you can, but in the end, it is always the same answer. This is what I mean, and it also shows how our minds are ALL INTERCONNECTED GLOBALLY whether you accept that or not, here is the website...

If that is not amazing I don't know what is, numbers and logic don't compute sometimes, there is more to this medium that meets the eye, mind and space and people interconnect in a world that could not be concieved 100 years ago. here is another website to further my point about the future internet.

I read alot of articles from the lamestream media on the future internet and they were all pointing to the future internet as just more powerful and compact, and more widely available, that's utter non sense, of course "they" want it that way, but INDEPENDENT AND PRIVATE pioneers have the solutions, they always have. Here is a great article. If you read about how the brain LOSES BRAIN CELLS,and never redevelops them, that is utter non sense, the brain is compartmentalized to offer alternat pathways, so information goes where it has to, it's the Pharma/Manufactured foods industry that destroys these pathways, Again I'm getting off topic here, that is how the "illogical" mind thinks.Fresh foods and a good diet re grow brain cells, along with exercise. both mentally and spiritually.

Here is exactly what I'm writing about, 'Way out There' but is it really?
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