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Default Re: Leo Zagami, high level illuminati defector

BlueAngel wrote:
redrat11 wrote:
"peter" aka BA, DA, again suggesting pure rubbish, another lying day for the MP's, Leo Zagami is pure Rubbish just like DA. another multiple personality disorder loon who thinks everyone is after them and only he knows the truth. How many days till this place closes, how bout right now Makow, pleese spare everybody another day of this rubbish.
You could spare yourself the misery, anger, grief, etc. that seems to engulf you by the mere existence of anyone on this site other than yourself by not posting or reading.

You're not capable of this so you beg Makow to shut it down.

You must be a glutton for punishment and lack self-control.

Stop torturing yourself, just leave.

FYI, I've never said everyone is after me and I love how in your delusional mind you've accepted for truth that Peter and I are the same poster.

You are a pathological liar and must have MPD, whereas I on the other hand am ONE.
You are a pathological liar and must have MPD
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