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Default Re: What Happened to Liberty Forum?

BlueAngel wrote:
redrat11 wrote:
How can i be banned from a website that i am not a member of??? But, just remember BA, you have been banned 3 times here. just remember that forever, and I have'nt. once this site shuts down you will remember that. And you will have nowhere else to post your drivel.
You were banned, remember?

I was banned twice from this site and stayed away for ONE YEAR.


remember, you have been banned from every forum of which you are a member.

So said you.

Who cares that I was banned twice from this forum. This is so important to you.

Makow's judgement was definitely impaired both times.

As if this is a blemish I must report to GOD.

I guess Makow likes your type.

My drivel's been posted.

The END!
pathalogical liar!
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