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Default Re: Leo Zagami, high level illuminati defector

Shadow wrote:
What does that have to do with anything? Except of course, more evidence of voices in your head.

roscoe: You can thank our resident idiot BlueAngel for that. I guess Henry got tired of having to ban her again and again so he decided to ban everyone.

Peter: Stop with your spamming. If you like it so much, just go there and never come back.

But just like BlueAngel you just can't do that! Why?
I was responding to Roscoe, not you about his post as to the existence of MK.

Oh, yes, Peter is spamming.

You, just like George_Bush and ME9 accuse everyone else of what it is you do.

Makow didn't ban everyone and I wasn't banned again and again.

Let's all ponder why he keeps the likes of you here.

Go figure!
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