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Saturnino wrote:
And yes, I have unfortunately personal experience in my family. If you think about it, even if there were no obligatory generational curse, the son of an occultist would be a natural target for Satan, for he would have lived in a house with no protection from God and surrounded by evil activity.

About Icke seeing lizards or not, I don`t know. All I am saying is that demonized people see things. There is wide evidence, especially in the testimony of people who were into the occult and were saved later. It is not unusual for Satan to send demons in the form of ugly beasts, black spiders, etc., especially at night, in order to scare people. Even Christian who are fighting a spiritual battle are targets of these kinds of clown tricks from Satan.

It is important that we understand this, because it is the explanation of why intelligent people fall for the occult. It is because they really saw something. the problem is that they didn`t understand what it was.

It seems you're of the opinion that Occultism is Evil by default.
I had several conversations with Ahmad on this issue, I'm interested in your take on this. <a href=" PSESSID=b54e52e805f59da54480a65f732a6403#forumpost 6636">Fear of Occult & Gnostic Knowledge</a> and <a href=" C&start=10&PHPSESSID=b54e52e805f59da54480a65f732a6 403">Occult=Hidden, NOT Evil</a>

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