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Default Re: How the Medical Mafia Trained You To Think

Very good article.

Here are some more on the same topics from NEXUS MAGAZINE.

<a href="">DEADLY DIABETES DECEPTION - by Thomas Smith</a>

<a href="">OSTEOPOROSIS: The Bones of Contention - by Sherrill Sellman</a>

<a href="">ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: The Bitter Truth of Aspartame</a>

<a href="">THE MARGARINE HOAX: Margarine, Fatty Acids and Your Health</a>

<a href="">REFINED SUGAR - The Sweetest Poison - by William Dufty (from Sugar Blues)</a>

<a href="">THE BITTERSWEET STORY ON STEVIA - by Jenny Hawke</a>

<a href="">ADHD: EPIDEMIC OF A PHANTOM DISEASE By Dr Bob Jacobs</a>
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