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Default Re: The official Ron Paul is a satanist thread.

Peter wrote:
Ron Paul is fraud. He makes satanic handsigns all the time, talks bullshit about the war on terror and he loves to make these masonic handshakes with his buddies. Anybody supporting this guy is a tame sheep and severly brainwashed. Time to wake up the wolves are coming.
Peter, thank you for being so honest. I know you did it without realizing that your were showing your true colors, but it’s too late now, you just did show us who you really are...

your argument about Ron and what you base it on is so damn weak, that it goes to show what your true purpose really is...

you are an “agent provocateur” (look it up in the dictionary) of the “anti-ron-paul crowd”, you guys are scared shitless of freedom and how freedom will change the face of the earth and stop the big, fat, and useless parasites of the central banks that do nothing but print free money and charge interest from which they continue their indefinite cycle of the parasitic thievery on the hard honest and earned labor of people across the world and so they can live in all of the repulsive and extravagant luxury only a team of assassins can protect them from losing (because they never really earned it). in addition to this they fund the wars and they fund all sides of the conflict. they create the same enemies they need to fight. this causes govs to need to print more money, which causes more debt, which causes more inflation (the hidden tax Ron talks about), which devalues the currencies (including the dollar) around the world which causes recessions, which causes unemployment, which causes further recession, which causes depression, which causes massive foreclosures, bankruptcies, the destruction of the small businesses, medium to large size business closures, further business bankruptcies, and this continues without end until all of the monies lost by these people end up in the bank accounts of the “note” (property and credit contract) holders, (namely the bankers), and thus the money is transferred from the poor, from the middle-class, and even from the higher-middle-class and onto the wealth owners – the elite and the oligarchs. in addition, then the super huge businesses buy out the smaller businesses left, they cash out any hard assets, lay everybody off, give themselves hefty pay increases, hefty bonuses, close the business, declare legal bankruptcy and thus suck out all of the money and wealth out of these businesses without any purpose other than to just suck all of the wealth out of it and place it back into their monstrous bank accounts. they do this without having to do an “real work”, just “paper-work” – all of their minions (of which you are one) do all their work for them, since they are too damn lazy. the “transferring of contracts”, and thus the “transferring of wealth” from the “hard working people” and unto the “bank accounts” of the “not-working” money printing thieves, and slave-masters oligarchs. it is legal just because they wrote the laws, but those laws are based on nothing but “usury”, which is condemned by all real religions, and all moral standards of true fairness and justice across the world.

for those who don’t really understand what “inflation” is, think of it as a pizza pie, where the pie is the entire money supply, the pie represents all of the money in circulation. now if you cut this one pie in more and more pieces, that is inflation. they print more money or thus cut the pie into more pieces out of the same pie. at the end your dollars, or your pieces of the pie that you originally had, have just become smaller and smaller to the point when in order to eat a regularly sized meal is going to take a lot more of these new little pieces than before, and because the printing of money have just cut the pie in many more smaller, and smaller pieces of the same pie than before it was cut. eventually the pieces become so small (the money supply becomes so large) that each individual piece becomes so negligibly small (the value of the dollar disappears) that they become useless as a “single” entity. at this point the dollar becomes useless. when the actual “paper” value the dollar is printed on becomes more expensive than the actual “face value” of that dollar. at that point that currency becomes useless, unless of course you are the one who has the greater majority of them. and guess who these people are... if they then replace the currency, the dollar with another currency such as the “Amero” then your savings will “evaporate” and you will be left with absolutely nothing to eat, so forget about having a car, or needing to put gas in it. at that point you will not need the car. what you are going to need then is food and water, for starters...

that’s why they want to defame Ron, because their easy money schemes will come all to an end. all of the free money printing at interest will come to an end. no more wars, therefore, no more debt to the people, no more inflation, no more hidden tax, no more income-tax, no more free rides at the expense of the honorable hard work of every man, woman, and child across the planet. no more free nothing. now everyone has to work for a living, everyone becomes the same, no more elite, no more oligarchs.

that’s why they use defamers and “agent provocateurs” like you, regardless of your low IQs, and your low intellects, and the lack of any kind of real intelligent argument, because to them you are nothing but a stupid “pawn”, an “idiot”. you too will be destroyed by them, but you are too “dumb” to realize it. once they get from you what they can get, you will also be destroyed, and all of the money they gave you will magically be transferred electronically onto their bank accounts.

so if you think you have two brain-cells that still work up there, think again, because it looks as though your brain, it ain’t working...
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