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Default Re: The official Ron Paul is a satanist thread.

Shadow said:

You see peter is a mushroom, a member of society that has failed to grasp the meaning and responsibility of being part and parcel of society, he is a trowback. Just as the Blue Demon, they have been thrown off the train of consiousness and life and now are sidelined in a dark recessed basement of life, to ramble their idiotic ideas to passersby who couldn't care less what this desperate, sad people are mumbling about.

You have proven yourself to be desperate and mumbling. By the way, who writes this stuff for you? I'm certain it doesn't come from your brain. It would be you who is writing from a basement with padded walls, I might add.

They can be disgarded and lableed as mentaly unstable, a lable that does fit them yet is a sad reflection on society at the same time.

You can try as you may to connect me to Peter, but I'm a lone wolf. Ain't gonna happen. You have already been labeled as mentally unstable.

As I have said, Peter is a mushroom and as such does not know the true existance of the sun, the earth, the moon, venus and mars. When you give him such questions, he thinks you are testing his intellect and ability to think in a childlike immature kind of way.

They do keep you supplied with an endless roll of toilet paper, don't they?

To Peter, words like the sun revolve around the Blue Demon, because to peter, the blue demon is the only feminine contact he has managed to contact.

Peter has had feminine contact with you.
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