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I don`t necessarily think that people who seek occultism are bad or do it for evil reasons (even though some do). My father`s family is mostly Spiritist (Alan Kardec trend) and they are not evil. My grandmother used to have a spiritist center in her house and channeled an "indian" spirit.

I am not against studying what occultist have to say. I have done that myself. The conclusion I came up is that the occult is the door to a spirit world that God forbids us to enter, and the reason for that is simple. That dimension is the realm of demons, and they are the masters there. They can deceive you, pretend that they are something else, make you eventually do evil and turn you away from God. They always deny Jesus`sacrifice as the way to heaven.

So you start with good intentions but end up in the hands of these agents of Satan. I`ve seen this happen with friends, family, not to mention hundreds of testimonies of people who dabbed into the occult just to find themselves trapped by demons. And always, if you try to get rid of them, they turn from good, enlightened spirits into evil beasts that try to kill you or make you mad. (happened to my mom).

And also, we have the stories about the power of Jesus`name to these beings. They are scared to death of people who know how to claim it. Christians can create havoc in their midst. A simple prayer can wreck a spiritist meeting. Channeling won`t happen if there is people praying. Demons are cast off. This all happens, and here in Brazil, all the time.

It is even hard to say that occult=hidden, because there are so many books and witnesses that you can learn everything from the occult in the internet or
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