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Default Ron Paul's Income Tax And Monetary Policy

Shadow wrote:

I am trying to have an intelligent conversation about Ron Paul and his proposals, you have to stop spamming this thread with pasted stories and start explaining his vision.

Why do you think that getting rid of the income tax and applying a national sales tax is a good idea.

This will esentialy increase the tax on the poor and retired while reducing the tax on the rich.

Why does that make sense to Ron?

Shadow, to explain the monetary policy you have to understand the basics, which are not so simple. most of us take for granted the “system” that we are being fed all of the time. we never question it, and most Americans assume that “our” system of government, including its finances, is for the most part, as good as it gets. however, those of us who know better, and because we question things and want to know the truth, and want to know how everything works, we read the works of others, and eventually we also come to the realization that we have been had.

the whole system is a “scam” of humongous proportions.

starting with the Federal Reserve, a privately owned corporation whose purpose of existence is to make a profit for their owners and shareholders, sell (almost worthless – at fractions of a penny for every dollar printed) paper money at a profit (or interest charge). however, for you to make the money to pay these “secret” owners back their “interest” (or profit) you have to actually perform some physical and/or mental work. whereas, all they do is just “print paper (money)” and perhaps some “paper work”, but that’s as far as it gets for them to do any actual “work”, if any. now, because they charge interest to everyone, every institution, and every individual, their profits are astronomical (in the trillions and beyond). now remember that these (small group of ) people do not perform any actual work other than “print money”. they have the most lucrative and profitable “businesses” of all.

sorry I got side tracked, but I had to say that...

now, according to the original Constitution and the original intent of the “Founding Fathers” Ron Paul always talks about, the TAX collected by the Government, was never intended to come from the hard earned labor of individual people, it was to come from International business transacted across the continent by large businesses and corporations, since they were making such large sums of money, that it made sense to tax them rather than tax the hard earned labor of individuals (whereas nowadays is all “backwards’). so, the TAX was never intended to be an “income tax” on an individual person. the Founders knew that there was “enough money” coming from the business performed by large businesses that “there was no need to tax any citizen on their hard earned wages” in exchange for their hard earned labor.

that is basically what the Constitution specifies, and that is the main argument of people, like the “Browns” (now in jail) that claim that the “income tax” is “ILLEGAL”, which it is, in the “strict sense of the Constitution”...

so, by now, you hopefully realize that the Govt. can make enough money from other activities, where it does not need to “tax”, or add on any extra burdens on any individual working for a living.

if the Govt’s job is to make sure that your rights, freedoms, and liberties are not been trampled upon, while at the same time make sure that you can prosper as an individual, achieve liberty and the pursuit of happiness, why in the world would that Govt. think that instead of working for “you”, it (the Govt.) can go instead and work for “itself”? (that’s when the “inmates” are running the “asylum”)

that’s the problem with our current system of Govt. today. the Govt. has literally shifted “allegiances” and instead of working for “you and me”, it has decided to “work for itself”. thus the Govt. took a “persona” in and of itself, and thus became an “autonomous” entity,... think of it as a “monster”...

so, instead of “all of us” becoming “prosperous”, now the Govt. (and the small “elite” behind it) is the only “entity” or “thing” that can achieve “prosperity”, instead of the other way around, where “everyone, every single human being”, can instead become prosperous...

so, all that Ron Paul is doing, is “reestablishing” order. bringing things “back to normal” and “adhering” to what our “Founding Fathers” knew way back in 1776, was the “Way to Freedom”...

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