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Default Re: Quran is the 666

Ahmad wrote:
Peace all,

666 is not the number of Satan. A contemporary messenger of God by the name of Keikhosrow Emami (in America) delivered the information that the 666 is the numerical identity of Quran, God's final testament to the whole world.

666 is a good number in the Bible (3 times) except that last one in revelation. The injection was meant to drive the people away from Quran.

Quran is indeed the beast to Satan since it totally exposes him and his agents.
You can believe as you wish, that is your right, but you will get nowhere preaching the Koran to me. The word of God, as revealed to man is in the books of The Old, and New Testaments. The Koran is blasphemy pure and simple. Nuff said.
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