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Default Re: Fear of Occult & Gnostic Knowledge

I agree as well, Draken...

Be independent financially. I'm asingle mum of three kids and if i can do it through two divorces and keep starting over, anyone can.

Trouble with the mystical stuff is too many get sucked into the power side of it and forget God. They begin to think it is them alone. And there is a lot of truth. For me, gnostism is getting to know your own mind - that allows you to get to know your own heart and that puts you in better connection with God.

There is a lot of good is ancient religions of old. There is also a lot of bad. I just prefer to err on the side of caution and depend on God alone. It works great for me. God always helps me. The mystic stuff ain't my bag and to each, their own - just hold God in your heart. Play safe.
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