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Default Are the Masons evil?

I believe the majority of people in masonry get involved for friendship and belonging to a fraternal organization.

But, I feel that the Mason's are a tool for the takeover by Baphomet.

First, one must be introduced to a belief that the God of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, you and I, is not the truth.

They draw people away from God and towards Baphomet.

Why do you think there are no windows in Masonic Temples?

People like Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley have influenced the "craft" into a tool of the son of Satan, Baphomet.

Do I think they are sacrificing children?
I don't know for sure, but they seem to
concentrate on childrens hospitals in charities.

And much good can come out of them. But they are masking a much more sinister operation, IMO.

Part 1
Part 2
Notice how the big guy comes out to intimidate them. He get's turned around by their sincere and polite questioning.

You see, the Masons are the suckers on the tentacles of the Octopus.

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