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Default Re: I have already Mental Health Assistance

Peter, that was the first thing I looked into when I heard about Ron Paul.

He did mention the shriners hospital one time.

But his voting record in congress and the lack of media attention makes me think otherwise.

If he were a mason, he'd be all over the news.

And I thing the handsign in the video was returning a gesture to some college kids.

He used to wear a lapel pin, and that concerned me.

But then I found out it was his congressional pin.

So I feel confident about Paul.

Doesn't mean I don't watch closely.

The bible warns us about a time like this,

where someone offering peace takes over, and in 3 1/2 yrs throws the world into chaos..

Isn't the Masons motto "order out of chaos"?

Ron Paul did profess Jesus as his savior though.

I doubt someone satanic would do that.

I respect your reserves though.
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