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Default Re: Fear of Occult & Gnostic Knowledge


I read your stuff all the time. You write well, and obviously you are well learned.

I want to say: "don't worry, you are not 'preaching'".

I only have a tidbit to add. Something that I've noticed last week in my travels around town.

Actually it was 3 Christian churches. Here it goes.... When I passed church #1 I noticed they painted their outside cross (which stands to the side of the church,on the lawn) from white to black.

Hmm I said. I guess they had their reasons.
Well the same day, I ran some errand and passed another church that had 3 crosses on their lawn, and they were painted black as well. Now, I have a good memory, and I KNOW these crosses have always been white. Plus, it hit my eyes like an elephant in the living room.

So that evening I recollected my day's events and started to make my schedule... I just couldn't get these crosses out of my mind.

Well lo and behold, the next day church 3#, had a black cross----which I KNOW was white, not long ago.

Is that something, or what???
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