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Default Voluntary Controls

"Voluntary Controls" Exercises for Creative Meditation - by Jack Schwarz

Specific, step-by-step Instructions for creative meditation - from the master of modern thinking.

Jack Schwarz, founder and president of the Aletheia Phyco-Physical Foundation, introduces an active form of meditation that is neither an infrequent exercise nor a ritual; instead, creative meditation provides you with a different way of using your mind and body -- a way that will activate the paraconscious within you.

Schwarz also shows how to activate the seven mystical points along the spine, each of which has a specific power to heal and improve our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

"...not only outstandingly sensitive, but he is one of the most articulate expositors of the nature and operations of subtle forces. Those who seek for a science of ESP would do well not only to observe Jack Schwarz but to listen to him." -- Arthur M. Young, author of the Reflective Universe.

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