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Again, thanks for your efforts.

I have another request (& my last request I promise).

If you look at my profile, I downloaded a GIF picture of a “clock” which is supposed to have a “transparent” background. It used to work fine in the old CC, but here it turns WHITE. I typically turn off all of the “forced white backgrounds” on any page by going into my “Internet” ”Tools” ”Internet Options” “General Tab” ”Accessibility” & check _x_ “Ignore colors specified on webpages” This turns off any default web-page colors & allows my Internet Explorer to assume the background color that I have programmed into my “Desktop” “Properties” “Appearance”, which I typically set to a “Gray” background. Now this turns out to be the following color specification: Hue 160, Sat 0, Lum 181, Red 192, Green 192, Blue 192.

So, what shows as a “forced white background” should actually acquire my Windows User Specified Background Color, but it doesn’t.

So all I can conclude is that you are “forcing the white background” onto my “transparent” GIF image by either turning off its “transparency” property, or by just “assuming” that your “forced white background” is my chosen background, which is NOT.

This is going to be interesting, since I have contacted many organizations, including Yahoo, about their “forced white backgrounds”, like on their NEWs page, & they just don’t care. “Forced White Backgrounds For ALL” – whether you like it or not. Tell that to the guys at the “New York Stock Exchange” floor in “Wall Street” & watch them all give you their middle finger...

However, even on the Yahoo News page, I can turn off their "forced white background" & acquire my own background color by selecting the “Ignore colors specified on webpages” ”Accessibility” option. What I would prefer for Yahoo to do is to allow me to change the background color w/o having to go into my ”Accessibility” properties, which unfortunately renders some webpages useless, specially when the "coders" do not program for ”Accessibility”, which is a real "shame" on the industry.

However, Henry Makow cared, & so did (& many others). They both made sure that if the user turns off the web page colors by using their accessibility feature, that their chosen colors were not imposed onto their viewers or users.

The funny thing about this is that the computer & the software is perfectly capable of allowing any & all users select their own background colors. But it just comes down to the policy that has been set my some big shot media mogul that thinks (full heartedly) everyone should like “Forced White Backgrounds”. That will turn into more “forced” visits to their “eye doctors” & this will improve their return on investment on some medical stock they probably own, or something along those lines. It is though, completely ridiculous. Like I said, the computer can handle it. It’s been handling it since Bill Gates put out the first Windows 95 OS out there. But some people are just too opinionated & too greedy to let us choose what backgrounds we should have. Go figure...

Oh, & by the way, the reason I am asking is simply because I am one of those people that do always get a headache if I have no choice but to sit & stare at a white screen for any length of time. I hate white screens w/ a passion.

Thanks again.
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