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hi Jimbo,

the issue with the clock, is an issue with the image itself, not the forum. you might ant to try deleting it and re-adding it into your profile.

regarding the rest of the issues, the size code isnt fixable unfortunately, so im going to have to remove them from the posts in the forum, which i can do by running a script. i've to wait on word back from the boss though before i can do that, just to be sure.

regarding the old links, it may just be the format its been coded into the old forum so im not sure it'll fix itself. but maybe once the size code is removed, it might help. i'll have to wait and see once i remove that old code, to see how it goes.

ive turned on HTML on the boards, which should alow the basic html commands in threads, but not php. however, if the forum gets flooded by html in threads, it'll have to be turned off as a precaution. so hopefully people wont overuse it, and take advantage by spamming etc.

hope this helps