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I basically cut and pasted this from another forum in which Sanjay had already introduced himself...this is what he said in a nutshell.

"I am building a network of forums called CrowdGather When we launch in January, all members of participating forums will have universal sign-on with their existing usernames on any of the forums in the network. As part of this, the only sinificant change you will encounter will be the move to vbulletin as the core forum platform.

Currently Networked (one log-on and username):

Newer forums (pending conversion to vbulletin and/or central log-on):

I am the founding owner of and the rest of the forums are those that I have purchased over time. Crowdgather's vision is that forums have been treated like the step-children of the internet for too long and there needs to be a way to centralize 'search', 'user-profiles' and 'messaging' across multiple forums.

Feel free to ask me any questions."

Obviously we've completed step one which was converted the forum to vbulletin. We're trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.
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