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Default Re: Who Will Benfit From Economic Collapse?

Saturnino wrote:
My friends from rich First World countries...
you are just beginning to feel what is like to be ripped off by the bankers and government. Here in Brazil we know it firsthand. People have 10 times less income than in the US. 10 times !
All the money the government takes from us goes to the IMF bankers. It has been like this since the 1800s, when Brazil got into debt with ...guess who...England.

They always find traitors of our country who will sell the people`s wealth for a condo in Miami and an account in Switzerland. Do you know who is the president of our Central Bank ? Meirelles, who used to be CEO of Fleet / Bank Boston ! The former minister of economy used to be a sidekick of Soros !

And the president of Brazil says he is a socialist ! They are ALL in the same side, i.e., against us.

So, don`t complain about your need at least 50 years of exploitation to go down to our level. (sigh...)
Saturnino, thanks for your message. I agree. But listen, working class US citizens are just hanging by a thread these days. Evene though this is the riches country in the world. If the government were to take away the material things and their home, they have nothing in their pockets or just a couple of hundred bucks in the bank. But still I know what you are saying. We have more opportunities here, and not between a rock and a hard place--yet!!

US middle class to poor are not prepared in anyway to survive if such a thing were to happen. Who is? Most are not creative, not able to economize effectively. I hate to say that!
And that is because they feel that everything they have---they actually need. But then you have those that do not have the fancy material gadgets and gizmos. They only know this type of life, but masquerade in an everyday "everything's fine" costume.

I for one do not want "50 years" of exploitation.
Though at times I'm treated like sh-t in the country I was born in. I have no value here, and that's another story! Many, many people feel they are not needed, they can be replaced.
At times, I look back and say, that for someone born in this country of parents who came with only a hundred bucks in their pocket, I am lucky.

But then again I say-----"for now"!!
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