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can't you just find and replace the HTML tags that identified links and replace that?

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hi Jimbo

the correction for the size issue was very simple. because it was a straight swap of fixed text, ie

size=x-large to size=6

there are no variables in those strings of text.

the issue with the url's. is that the following:

1 - each URL is different, so in order to fix them, i'd need to run the command for each URL.

2 - some of the URL's have http:// some have www. some dont have the www. part yet have the http:// par etc. too many variations.

3 - how to detetmin between the already tagged URL's and the untagged URL's.

4 - how to exclude all other URL's such as image url's, video clip url's etc.

its an impossible task, there are just too many variations.