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Default Re: Does Israel's peace covenant mark the beginning of the 7 years to Armegeddon?

ParisHawks, may Jesus richly bless you as you seek out wisdom concerning these end times that we live in. He promised a special blessing for those who fervently seek and watch for His return--Let no man deceive you nor discourage you.

One day, Christ is going to return for His believers and for those who love Him. (Jesus said that only "the Father" knows that day and hour, but Jesus also told us that if we are watching, we will know when the season is upon us. I believe that and this is why we must be prepared for His return, which means "stop sinning.")

Many doubt the Rapture, and claim to be 'christians,' but they will be left behind and face the Tribulation! If you accept the mark of the Beast, God will cut you off. The Beast will deceive many with false miracles and great deceptions; the world will proclaim him as the "answer" for all the world's problems.

Those who are left behind, who refused to invite Jesus to be their Savior, will find themselves serving the Beast and taking His mark. If one takes that mark, they are doomed!

WARNING: If you get left behind, DO NOT take the mark of the Beast! Instead, flee and hide away, and accept Christ as your Savior immediately. Times will be hard for those who are left behind, and many will die--but better to die once and then LIVE--than to reject Christ and to die twice!

ParisHawks, I urge you to check out some of Chuck Missler's audio broadcasts regarding prophecy. He's been delving into it for over 40 years and the Lord has shown him many interesting things. He's a great man of God and a gifted teacher.
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