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Question Wesley Snipes filed a $7.3 million tax return!

In the year 2001, Wesley Snipes claimed 0 net income and filed a $7.3 million tax return, and persued it, claiming his income was untaxable.

Now I'm not questioning Mr. Snipe motifs for not paying. I'm questioning timing.

Here we are. Tax time 2008 coming up.

And their saying Snipe could get 16 yrs for not paying.

First red flag is, why did it take 7 yrs for this to come to forefront?

Second, is, the timing. And the message.

Lot of people are waking up to the fact that income tax is voluntary.

There is no law on the books to require us to pay taxes, so jailing someone

for it is illegal, according to the constitution.

Yet they get away with it, time after time.

Did they "coerce" Snipes to act out this court case, with the emphasis that

Snipes is facing 16 yrs for not paying his taxes,

effectivily bullying the American public into paying the interest payment to the

Federal Reserve cartel.

Oh, and then, they'll give us $600.


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