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Default Re: Ron Paul Giving Masonic Handshakes

My friend! You are indeed making a huge leap of faith here. You have gone from accusing him from being a secretive mason to a college frat brother!

To a finn this may indeed be the ultimate evil, but in the United States, a significant number of college students pledge fraternaties as well as sororities. In this case you can pretty much say that America is evil (something tells me that you already assume that anyway)

Frat boys are not intentionaly evil, more like alcoholic morons. Some may have family connections to get into politics and become captains of industry, but most end up being salesmen or data processors. Most end up as alcoholics also, but that is another story.

Aa for Lambda Chi Alpha:

It was the first fraternity to abolish pledging and remains a leader in the fight against hazing, alcohol abuse, and other challenges facing today's college students.
Ron could not have chosen a better set of brothers to pledge with.

I think you had better look for conspiracies closer to home if this is all you can come up with in our country.
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