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I find this web site to be quite sobering- - over 14,000 posts from abuse victims from the Watchtower Organization.

From the site:

About LambsRoar: We are dedicated to providing support along with legal and therapeutic resources to Abuse Survivors, who have been harmed by such policies within the Watchtower Organization (Jehovah's Witnesses), and for future potential victims of these protected pedophiles. We are building a foundation based on care and trust. We support one another, and respect one another. We are Abuse Survivors FOR Abuse Survivors. We're here to learn, heal and help. Our purpose is NOT to see the destruction of the Watchtower Society, nor to prevent the free will of religious beliefs. LambsRoar is NOT an apostate organization. All those who have been harmed are welcome here. All those that wish to help support those that have been harmed, are welcome here. All those who wish to learn more, are welcome here. We lend support to all Abuse Survivors, no matter where, or how the Abuse occurred. We are silent lambs no more! Listen to the Lambs Roar!

Inside Sources Reveal: 23,720 (and counting) Jehovah's Witness Child Molestors on file in the Watchtower Society Home Office
- Patterson, NY
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