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Default Re: Top candidate contributor list.

Well, I'll let you do your own research.

2008 Presidential Election

About the limits?

I don't know. Ron Pauls website said the limit was $2300.00.

Is the Democratic side $4600.00
Source: Loophole Lets Candidates Skirt Donation Limit -

But a quick search of Hillary's donations, she obviously didn't care about that rule.
Presidential Candidates: Donor Lookup

As usual, Clinton blurrs the rules so the rich have an advantage.

Of course, Ron Paul plays by the rules.
Presidential Candidates: Donor Lookup

And most of Ron Pauls donation come from the middle class, who are digging hard to have their voice heard, only to be ignored.

Keep in mind, 7% (Pauls delgate average) of the US population is 21,000,000 people.

Not a small amount to thumb your noses at.

And of course, McCain cheats too.
Presidential Candidates: Donor Lookup

By the way, did you see the CPAC speech by Ron Paul. Probably not, because it was carried by CSPAN 3, even though McCain was televised live, as well as Romney.
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