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Default Re: Top candidate contributor list.

Donation limits were set up to prevent an individual from buying an election. Loaning money to a campaign is a way around it. So are many other legal ways to go around it. There will always be loopholes. You just have to live with them.

As for Ron, I have a good friend that is a Libretarian. His ideas sound good until you apply the laugh test. They no longer work.

Libretarians want to legalize illicit drugs, they want to leave medicine to private industry, they want to stop licensing of doctors and letting anyone put up a shingle whether they are qualified or not in order to cut cost. They want to do away with public education. They want to do away with environmental regulations. They want to do away with law enforcement.

As you said, none of these things are included in the constitution and shouldn't be offered by the government.

Libretarian talk is great to hear when you have all these facilities in place to protect and to serve you. It's not the same when they are gone.

The problem with Libretarians is that they actually advocate taking away alot of the libereties you take for granted. Think about that!
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