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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Evil? No, far from it.

The idea of Mason being evil, in with the devil, comes from christianity. To find a silly excuse to close down these freethinkers, they made people belive they were in with the devil.

Most masonic temples have tours, go on one. You wont be able to see everything, but pretty much every room is covered.

No windows? Well, look around. How many temples have windows? How many churches have windows? By that, I mean windows you can look inside without risking braking your neck. Windows are high up etc. etc. There is also the mystical aspect of it, and keeping the rituals a secret etc. etc. Most rituals are today well known, so there is really no secrets.

The masonic orders have no religion, even if the have both the bible and the koran. Most places have a prayer room, were these book lay repectfully, and were those who feel like prayer can do so. Except from that, I know that some use the bible to swear to uphold the brotherhood.

I would argue that freemasonic teaching is religion, maybe one of the better, but with a strong focus on characterbuilding. You learn to respect all sorts of people, you feel welcomed in a group and you learn respect of symbolic rituals. The rituals themselfs are there to read as you want, they dont have one simple meaning and no preacher fill your head with dogmas. And there is the difference of masons and other religions, no dogmas.

The pentagram? Well, what is the pentagram but a christian invention. Lucifer is older then christianity, meaning light bearer or son of dawn. In Roman astrology its Venus, the morning star, shining brightest before the sun rises. What is the sun? It is God, and they just had to trow Lucifer out of the sky to make room for "thau shalt not have more then bla bla bla".

If there is something smelly and shadowy about it, its christianity with its history. Even Hitler chased down the masons, and many ended their life in prison camps. At worst its a boysclub, that sometimes can be used for the wrong things, like using your "brother" for private interests and such. It used to be big amongst the powers that be, politicans and such, but have lost its spunk over the years. But dont come and tell me that priests, good christians, muslims, hindu or what ever never spun webs for their own good?
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