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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Christian biblical stories, okay? I thought I shouldnt call you christian? But I wonder, isnt Adam & Eve the first human beings? And how was that again, Noah lived 1000 years?

But this brings us into something interesting, caus you`ll find Noah in gnostic, jewish, islamic and christian stories. They are all a bit different, so what is the right one? The you have the Gilqamesh flood, astra-hasis and the earliest mentions of the flood from the sumerian age. What about them? Noah a rewrite of old stories?

Then you have the fact that Jesus is given life in Maria by the holy ghost, God, so that really sucks if your related to Joseph. Right?

There is also the fact that they must have been having sex with eachother, brother and sister, and were in the good book is that okay?

Well, if we use your "facts", that would mean that freemasons, illuminati and all other evil is also related to Jesus. And that puts us?

Who was that swedish viking by the way?
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