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Default Re: Who Will Benfit From Economic Collapse?

What keeps this country together is basically 2 things:

1) food is extremely cheap. Nobody starves in Brazil, not even the most miserable person. People are generous and they help each other.

Our socialist/globalist president is working in a hoax and a lie called Fome Zero, (Zero Hunger) , and says he will give food to all Brazil. The liar has not given anything to anyone, it is just one more way to give a number and an ID chip card to people and let the money be stolen by government. Now he says the UN should have a global tax for eliminating hunger...beware !!!

2) family still matters. Unemployed people are simply going to live in the back of the house of the parents, uncle, etc. They share whatever they have and life goes on.

I fear for the US because 1 and 2 doesn`t apply for you. When things get rough, a banana will still cost you 1 dollar, not 5 cents like here. And family ties are weak in the US.

But even in Brazil the globalists are finding ways to destroy this last salvation in times of crisis...they raise up the property taxes, they privatize water and light, they tax the food, so even your parents won`t be able to help you anymore. In Bolivia, the globalists tried to tax the RAIN WATER ! (huge reaction) What are slums (favelas) if not houses of people who can`t pay property taxes ? They also steal the electricity.

That`s a vision of the future...a huge favela, and everybody with their dole ID cards.
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