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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq


I believe Jesus never sinned. This is the precondition for him to be the perfect Lamb, the perfect substitute sacrifice.

And about the possibility of being less of a sinner than Jesus, I know for a fact that this will not be true for me or anybody else. People do and think bad things ALL the time. My friend, you and me, we both sinned probably hundreds of times today. We are proud, we are vain, we want to have our way.

Once I met a Budhist monk and told him that I didn`t need his religion because Christ had paid my karma for me, and that he should accept his forgiveness too. He was really mad (a sign of sin) and told me he didn`t need forgiveness because he was a people live in dellusion. Talk about the sin of pride.

It seems you think that I want to be off the hook, that this forgiveness gives me license to do anything I want. But it is quite the contrary. Once you receive Jesus as Savior, the Holy Spirit of God gets a grip on you, and when you sin, you feel really bad. I mean, ten times worse than before. Also, you always end up screwed. An unbeliever may steal 10 times and never get caught, but a Christian will steal once and God will make sure He will get caught and pay. I`ve seen this happen often. I tell you, life gets more difficult in this aspect. I firmly believe that gross, constant, unrepented sin from a Christian can even lead to death by the hands of God. In the book of Romans, Paul says that forgiveness is NOT an excuse for sin.

Ahmad, only the Holy Spirit can reveal this need of forgiveness and our inability to go to heaven by our deeds. This is the KEY to salvation, because there is no salvation without repentance. I pray He shows it to you.

Thanks for the gentlemanly discussion.
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