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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

I cant answer that, caus I am not a mason. Feel free to think I am, but it doesnt make it any more true. Yes, your dead wrong.

I am wondering, why do you belive that? Just caus I give you an answer? Just caus I dont think masons are evil satanist who slaughter children to the devil to summon demons?

First of all, I am not christian. So I havent been raised to be hatefull of masons, or any other group that many christians think do magic and satans work. Meaning, I am not pre-programmed. I am a free spirit, I read, experience and learn.

You say your not christian, but still you follow a christian tradition. I wonder, do you belive there are witches too? Do you belive in demons? You belive in the devil? I dont, thats why I can have such rational look at these things. I belive that humans can be bad and egosentric, but it has nothing to do with evil spirits.

Money can work as a symbol, yes. It can give you power, it can make you appear sexy. It can open doors, it gives you respect. But the fact that money has become a symbol, is non other then humans own fault. If your gonna blame it on the masons, then its time to raise your book collection to 601. Buy "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", John Perkins give you a glimps into a real world of money. Do you think the overtrow of Guatemalan president Arbenz, was the work of evil freemasons? If you do so, you better wake up and smell the coffee. Then you got 600 books of shit in your shelfs, caus all of them have made your eyes wide shut.

I am wondering were you learned to wake up masons? If you paid to learn it, you should get your money back. If you want to talk to masons, go to the masonic lodge. If you dont dare to go there, call them. If you dont dare that either, send them a mail. Ask someone who is a mason, and stop making fairytales for yourself.

I took the liberty of typing grand masonic logde into google, I found the english one and they have an emailadress. Try them, they might answer you.

Email them at

And please, spare me the "this is meant to wake up masons"-bs. Your not a kid, are you? Grow up.
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