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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!


You say that Faucaults Pendulum ( FP ) proves that the Earth is rotating.
But the FP went haywire when the moon and sun lined up with the Earth (solar eclipse ).
So that means that the FP's movements are the result of the position and pull from the sun and moon on the Earth and have nothing to do with the pretended rotation of the Earth. During the eclipse both forces were concentrated on the Earth at the same time and exerted that extra strong pull that had that dramatic effect on the pendulum.
Also did you ever consider that the orbiting sun could be having and varying an electromagnetic influence on the Earth and the FP?
Also I don't believe that all these top scientists cannot explain the behavior of the FP during the solar eclipse. More likely is that they know what the experiment proves - that the sun orbits the Earth - and they are suppressing this information. Well this is a conspiracy website isn't it?
And now maybe I better hide in the woods because have you heard about the NASA assassination squad
conspiracy theory? I don't believe it though it's too wacky. Gotta go just heard footsteps com...
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