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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

I don't know. What about this site?
Stop Child Rape

Then I found this DOE (Dept. of Education) memo: DOE Weekly Field Memo €“ January 9, 2008 Topics Covered in this Memo: From the Department: €

The Mason’s C.A.R.E. Training: K-12 Masonic Model Student Assistance Program
Audience: Superintendents, Administrators, Tobacco Coordinators, Safe & Drug-Free Schools
Coordinators, School Resource Officers, School Nurses, Student Assistance Professionals
This three-day workshop will help build educators’ skills in identifying at-risk students and providing appropriate guidance.

This training is an opportunity for schools to create an informed team of three to six
members (must include one administrator) to,<b> identify, intervene with, and create appropriate referrals for students</b> who may be at risk for substance abuse, depression, suicide or violence and <b>other unhealthy behaviors</b>
(bold added)

Now what business do the Masons have being involved in this?

They don't have to answer to the general public, so this is a definite conflict of interest.

What is their agenda? Modus Operandi they call it.
Could it be: American Chronicle | Is Ritual Child Abuse Just a Hoax?

Get their evil grubby paws out of my kids education. Thank you!

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