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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

I am sad child molesting happens, but its good that now it cant be covered up. Its still a sensitive issue, and for some it seem easier to just let go by then to handle. We had a big case in Norway, that made many innocent people guilty. The state went crazy, and sort of lead kids into saying that they to had been molested.

Some kids had been molested, and one man was the molester. He wasnt a mason, just a childcaretaker at a kindergarten. After that we got a law, so that people who is gonna work with kids, have to show their policerecords. This works good.

Anyway, you find childmolesters everywere. My girlfriend is an ex-christian, from a Baptist church, and she told me about one of their ministers. Everybody knew he had molested some children, even one of her friends, but they just looked the other way. Why? Caus its a shame, they feel shame to. Dont bring shame on the church, so they just look past it.

I am not saying that there are not masons who are child molestors, but masonry do not pratice child molesting as a part of a ritual. Go to hospitals, see what masons have given of money and help to many kids. If you use the argument your using, then I could say that baptist churches also are part of a child rape ring.

I agree on stopping child rape, but your not logical.
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