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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq

"God is a state of life that has nothing to do with religion"


You said, "usually people won't accept Jesus because they are too proud...."

Again,you sound like a salesman trying to tell me what I need and what I need to do.

No offense Ahmad--- but at times it sounds like you take advantage of this subject, because you can twist it well, and try to reduce someone to a level of total idiot.

I cannot understand how anyone who lives their life to the best of their ability, a clean life, not kill anyone, not steal, not harm their family or neighbor, be rejected by God. (?)

No, Ahmad, in my heart I feel that if this God is a good God, he will not let any of his sheep wonder off. He will find them, and bring them home. YOU do not have to do that for anyone. And I don't have to submit to anything that 'man' tells me about God.
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