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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Stompk, I have read up on this case of McMartin Pre-School abuse case. You have to be a christian to belive this, I even read that the kids have seen witches fly? They were flushed down toilets, went thru pipes and ended up in a secret satanic underground place were they were molested? I also read that the tunnels were old pre-world war tunnels, filled up with all sorts of crap. Even kids now grown up tell that they were told, that they were doing the right thing in telling this. That they were good kids, and by so lead in many ways to keep on telling tales. This is very similar to the case we had in Norway, were investigators and parents set their minds into making kids tell lies. I read from a case study that after this, the way of interviewing kids who might be molested have changed. The fact that they used nine years on the trail, and no one was convicted, says everything about it. It amazes me that you fall for this crap?

All this ever created was masshyteria, and religion is amazing at creating it over and over again.

Let me tell you a story, it has nothing to do with child molesting, but religion and masshysteria. My girlfriends father was part of a baptist church in Texas, and before 2000 there were all kinds of scary stories of how everything would shut down, caus the computers wouldnt handle it. The minister in his church made them belive that this was the sign of the devil, the start of doomsday. So he quit his job, and bought bags and bags of corn and a windmill. So that when everything broke down, he could take care of his familiy. Sweet, but he was still led to belive by people who use their power to creat this masshysteria. It never happend, so they still have those damned bags of corn. Worst of all, he lost a good job and his pride. Now, were is the conspiracy about these kinda hoaxes? Thats your mindcontroll, my friend.
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