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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

You dont see my point? Wow, I am amazed!

So what I should do, following your logic, is to either shut up or agree? Well, to bad freedom of speech was invented. If you cant stand people seeing thru your weak arguments, or lack of them, then you should stop discussions on forums like this.

Yes, this is a conspiracy forum. I love conspiracies, it doesnt make me agree that you have a point here. Caus you dont, and I am pointing that out. I stopped focus on masons, caus they are not part of a big conspiracy against humanity. The fact that they keep rituals secret, is pretty logical. The fun fact here is, that you buy into their own myth. You more then I, buy into what some of them think of themselfs as masons. This grand idea of being part of something special, since its secret and all.
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