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Default The New World Order

The new world order is a powerful and secret political aiming to place the world under a global totalitarian dictatorship called the New World Order OR One World Government (this may sound like utopia but trust me my friends it is not)

It is impossible to summarise The New World Order in breif.
One could visit 20 websites and read 10 books, yet still the entire picture would remain beyond grasp. This is because the concept is extremely ancient and involves many significant groups and induviduals with long and important storys of there own.

Around the year 70 AD Romans destroyed the Jerusalem Temple. A group of Zadokite priests - practicioners of an early form of Judaism & guardians of the secrets of an Egyptian Mystery school - escaped, certainly to Europe, probably to France, probably to the Chartes region Known as the Sons of Light, it was there traditions that gave birth to Illuminism and the "Illuminati"

There their descendants founded a secret Order called the ''Botherhood of Light'', which became extremly powerful over the years- some say beacuse they posessed the Holy Grail, though it seems a little far-fetched. Posing as Christians or modern Jews the preserved their ancient and mistrusted traditons within the innder-doctrines of secret societies and writings.
A good example of this is the fact that the British Royal family circumcise there male children- hardly the behaviour of real Christians:

The Eventually founded the Kights templar, who became an extremely powerful Military Order, apparently Christians but in reality their inner-Order still guarded the knowledge or gnosis of Egyptian Occultism the would eventually form the basis of modern Hermeticism and Gnosticism- and the would be a major source of inspiration for the ROSICRUCIANS and the GOLDEN DAWN, both of whom, like inner-Freemansonry, use ancient symbols including the Pyramid, Sphynx and Star of David. Many important Historical Figures have been members of these Orders, Including George Washington.

Islamic fundamentalists were preventing Christan pilgrims from visiting the Holy Land and the famous Crusades began when the Templars went out there, ostensibly to protect them. However, the Templars excavated under the site of their ancestors' Temple, finding the scrolls left there by them. These scrolls contained the traditions and rituals of the Egyptian Mysteries...

think about itt..
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