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Default Re: We Want Your Soul


How immature can one get?
coming on to a site that is obviously going to be about Conspiracys
in all your posts,
you have not come up with any back up to support that what shadow is saying is not 100% ture (not saying it is 100%, but i wouldnt be suprized for a second)

It takes alot for someone to open up there minds to what is really going on in the world that we have been blind folded from since the beginging of our days.. but some are just luckier then others i suppose some are stuck in this trivial world we call "home" and others are relizing that this is right..and our world isnt what it was suppose to be
is it hard to grow up?
in your case it seems to be.
Bombing for peace,
Is like screwing for verginity...
Life is only what you make of it..
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