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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

I think your missing some point here, first of all you have to belive in it for something to work. Let me make you a simple example...

If you belive that you can be hypnotized, then your open to it. Meaning, you will most likely be hypnotized if your subjected to it. If your dead sure that it wont work, your deeply sceptical, then it will not work.

So if you belive in these secret texts, then they will give you something. Its like reading the Bible, and if you belive in God, it gives you a deeper spiritual meaning. When I read the Bible, I see a fairytale and a medium for masscontroll.

Watch a documentary called "The Human Behavior Experiment", its easy and simple told, but gives you an insight in human behavior.

Lets say I used those secret text in a group, a group that was open to those ideas, I could use them to controll them. I could probably use them to open "secret doors within", and make them feel divine or what ever. It doesnt mean that the text does it, far from it.

YouTube - Derren Brown "instant conversion" (explained)

But I cant see what those text has anything to do with masons, or says anything about masons being evil. I wonder what happend to the 600 books you have, or was that a try to manipulate me to belive your smarter then me? Or that you have some deeper insight? Think about it...

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