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Default Re: The energy non-crisis.

Stompk, I just found this site and I have seen that energy non-crisis video on google video. Wow, that was a very interesting lecture. Even if half of it were true it would be scary. I actually believe all of it but then again, I am skeptical about everything... Either way though, the price of oil is definitely going to keep climbing. Have you seen an article from F. William Engdahl about how oil is only theorized to be from dinosaur fossils and that in Russia they have an alternate theory, which is probably correct, that the oil is from a primordial goo from inside the earth, not from mashed up dinosaur fossils, and that therefore, there is no peak oil problem... that was all just made up in order for people to believe that it was unsustainable, so they could have an excuse to start shutting us down and hiking the prices. Sounds about right to me.

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