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Poisoned Office



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Workplace Issues - Returning To Work / Co Worker Harassment

Gee does this sound familiar.

Made a friend at work one year.

Turned out she had environmental illness.

There was a person there

one supervisor in a 2-supervisor building

who had a racial problem.

Well, the other supervisor needed an extra worker

and got permission to get my friend from the other unit.

That's when it all started and went downhill from there.

My friend had no say-so in the whole affair

and didn't even know til after the fact.

But that didn't matter to this person.

She started

......spraying the office with

perfume, raid,

anything to make my friend severely ill.

Everyone knew my friend had this problem so there were no excuses.

What simply floored me is the fact that

......even after being informed thru medical documentation, etc.

it just got worse.

They started resorting to 'no-smell' raid

and started spraying my office a lot

unknown to me

giving me these horrible headaches

I don't get headaches unless something is very wrong.

Took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on as I had no idea about my own sensitivities,

and even thought maybe some of it was just in my friends mind....:

So when they started doing it to me to get to they say...

nothing works like the real thing baby.

I started learning about health problems.

Combined with the 'new building syndrome' there a year earlier,

I started putting 2 and 2 together and became a believer.

The supervisor in the gaining unit thought she was a nut case.

Her co-workers did too and even joined the racist in

spraying chemicals all over the building and especially in her office.

It got to the point she had to have an environmental air cleaner in her office

and had to have her own key with only the supervisor having the other key,

and to keep her door shut during work hours as much as humanly possible.

People there were so rude, and ugly to her.

Of course, none of them had ever been seriously ill either.

That is the only thing we could come up with why everyone was acting like a horses butt.

My friend was older than everyone didn't help matters.

Even though everyone knew her condition was life-threatening

she had another problem linked in w/this,

they joked about it behind her back and still schemed.

This was about 15 yrs ago.

Now there is more info out in the public about

.......anaphalactic shock and

......severe allergies that kill

and more people that have them too.

Yet those that have these problems have to deal with all these bozo's in the workplace.

But, yeah, I have seen that 'gang-up-on' mentality played out over and over

in various places as if everyone was still back in high school!



Located here :

Workplace Issues - Returning To Work / Co Worker Harassment
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