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Default Re: The New Age movement

nohope187 wrote:
Um... lets see, the basic thought process behind every new ager is sex, drugs, and rock and roll man! Heavy on the drugs though. :-P
Yes but thatís just what the general public are supposed to believe. But I can tell you I have seen something entirely different going on. It's true what you mention for a few hangers on but the serious occultist new agers are altogether another kettle of fish. It has probably taken me about 4 years of living in a new age kind of area to establish what is not so well advertised.

I thought initially in a similar way to yourself and turned up to a few parties and so on but I soon found things to be most odd and at times very very strange. Let me explain, about 4 years ago I end up at this party full of these sorts of drop outs and I spoke to one woman dressed in all the new age hippy type of cloths and she tells me her former job was working in the British Foreign Office. Now I don't know how much you are aware of what it is all about but it is one of the most powerful institutions in the world. It decides foreign policy relating to the British extended 'commonwealth' and employs top public school people from the highest echelons of British aristocracy. So I'm talking to someone who used to work there amongst a load of hippy dropouts. That seriously did not figure in my head.

Moving on I found other quirks with these people and the one thing they were more against than anything was believe it or not smoking tobacco. Smoking marijuana straight out of a pipe was fine and didnít raise an eyebrow but 'evil' tobacco was banned. The organisers would literally go ballistic if people smoked anywhere indoors. Another big no no is meat and everyone is at least vegetarians but a lot are strictly vegan. If you check the medical literature you will find such diets are lacking in essential nutrients and as a consequence most have multiple health problems linked to deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals.

Now they also do long camps lasting about 3 weeks or more where they practice a lot of occult stuff and you will notice that these have strict anti drugs and alcohol policies with most of them. The more seriously occult it is the stricter they are on this. So you can see whatís going on, they cause people to suffer nutritional deficiencies which I believe also has effects on their psychological state and I know for a fact a vegetarian diet does this. In addition there is another trend in raw food, which again is very orientated to dietary control. Then we have to ask why certain drugs and especially nicotine are strictly banned and I believe it is because they interrupt the mind control that they undergo. Furthermore the self inflicted ill health increases the number of people who need to be 'heeled' and this 'heeling' is just another opportunity to further control them, make them dependent, get them further into the occult and so on.

So this New Age is very sophisticated in the way it is run but made to look like a bunch of clueless dropouts who are against the system, little do they know that they are the system, the new system!
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