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Default Re: "Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvins", wanna bet??

Mary wrote:
For Fcuk's sake! Tracking jeans or people??? Bank info would be attached to item purchased and tag number...
You bet! This makes every tranaction traceable, especially when you combine them with a so-called smart card.

The same technology also makes every single transaction chargeable and/or taxable. Imagine lend you $10. With a cashless RFID chip system, there will be a record of that, so a greedy bank/govt could take a cut or add a tax to a transaction between friends, and then take a second dip at repayment time. This is the point I try to make when I talk to people about it here in Japan - You lose total control over your privacy - what you buy, who you associate with etc. With advertising and govt policy (surreptitiously) heavily pushing for the increase in RFID tagging and cashless transactions, I'm fighting an uphill battle.

Saturnino, I found a page about an RFID washer.
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