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Default Re: The Blonde Map of Europe

what do the different colours represent on the map ....?

are they shades of hair colour - because if they are i think youll find that map is a load of crud ....!

The point i think youll find of the map that is missing is that 5.7 billion people have brown eyes and 300 million or so only have blue eyes ...!

Hair colour is a trait not a genetic ....!

There are two species of blue eyed people ..... !
Blue eyed without freckles
Blue eyed and true green eyed with freckles.

Hazel green is not true green eyed - true green eyed only comes about with with blue eyed or true green eyed people procreating.

Im blue eyed freckled and brown haired ... 38 years old Brythonic ...! Everyone is trying to live on my brain .... and what and how i assimilate information. all want to live MY life that includes blue eyed freckled people from all over the world. I turn round and say i want to procreate bl;ue eyed freckled children (ie I have thought about child birth and having children before actually having children - makes a change huh ?) and when people start to take notice .... everyone else that is blue eyed and freckled wants to procreate blue eyed freckled children even the ones that have mixed race children - their excuse is that they didnt know that brown eyes are dominant over the short term to blue.

75% of all white people .. any white person with brown eyes that you ever see ..... regardless of hair colour is actually mixed race ... that isnt my problem so why you all blame me ?

There is a systematic and has been for many years to stop me from breeding, constantly...... every day day after day .... WE ARE NOT VIKINGS .... vikings dont have freckles ....!

Look around you ever wondered why it is that 15 stone bloke wants to procreate with 8 stone female ?

Its obvious to me that she isnt built for him.... look at nature .... do oraangatangs fuck and breed with chimpanzees .... !


Hard isnt it ..... ?

NO ... you also are animals .... bound by extinction and the animals have been happily living in multi special communities fopr aages and ages and ages ... !

OK ... animals should be lower than people ... BY intelligence ....! but no no no ... it isnt working is it .. your failing .... and what happens to me whilst your trying to make your own designer children .... !

TWO of my dominant gentics is becoming extinct - right in front of your eyes....!

FRECKLES and the genetic cleft in my ear ....!

the thing is you see YOUR the problem not me - your the problem become when you close your eyes what do you see in the mirror ..... ? ME -

A - you think your the same ...
B - you think your better than
C - you cant possibly be any of the above ...

I can breed ..... hazel green eyes - brown eyed - blue eyed and true green eyed offspring.

You think your stronger better but i know ... that you cant do what it is that i can do .. your genetics are not advanced enough ....! <---this is the reality.

So you go round breeding with the blue eyed gentic - blondes and red haired without freckles .. and you turn round and say you love them .... how can this be when your asking them to suicide their genetic ?

Im a man ... only boys can become men ... girls only can become women.

Those that deem a person to be a boy dont usually know the difference between boy and male....!

when ypour born your born either a young male or a young boy ... or aa young girl or a young female.

Past puberty you become a girl or a boy or a male or a female. It is only at this stage you can become a man or a women a oner female or a oner male ... Boy can only turn into man with a female and a Girl can only turn into a woman with a male. At the very same time as the boy or girl falls (IF) in true and i mean TRUE love - only then is it that boy turns to man or girl turns to woman. At the very same time the male and female become oner male or oner female. males and femaales aare like the other side of the boy and girl coins. Where there is a man there will always be a oner male ... where there is a woman there will always be a oner female.

You do it with your partner .. not your mothers or fathers.....!

Man - Woman fail to achieve the ideal as do oner males and oner females ...... but we succeed in making the only unniversally allowable mistake that we can make. 99% of all people that you meet will not become a man or woman or a oner male or a oner female AT THIS TIME - this will change however over time, I - man - julien R.C Fletcher can assure you of this.

There are only two allowable levels over time all other levels will cease to exist. The ideal - boy and girl ----- male and female. That's it.

I can't really help you though as I cant interfere. There are many more vikings - ie blue eyed without freckles or freckled genetic than Brythonic people blue/ true green eyed freckled people.

The ideal can only come about with someone of the same sspecie aas you yourself ... Those that have the eyes to see will see it says in the bible ... any specie or child has the potential to achieve the ideal EVERY child has the potential - !

if you dont achieve the ideal you can only by unniversal law strictly become a man or a woman or oner male or oner female according to the above stipulation, this is OK ... b ut most wont - There are about 5 men if that on the planet at this time ... I am the only man youve ever had the fortune to encounter EVER, i might also be the last....!

Men live in fear .... as do women and oner males and oner females. The reason is that everyone wnats to be one of us. You cant be yourselves never mind us ....! Imagine what it is like for us when you dont even want to or like being yourselves.....!

IMAGINE what it is like for us .... you always wanting to be us when we know you cant be yourselves. Now understand that on the planet at this time ... with 6 billion people NOT one couple you will ever meet in your entire lifetime is the IDEAL ....!

I was so close to achieving the ideal that they spent billions and millions of dollars and pounds STOPPING it because they didnt want the world to realise that they themselves ARE not the ideal. The ideal doesnt know its the ideal - only man and woman and oner male and oner female know what is the ideal.

Thats our hell if you like .

But thats what WE are all working furiously to bring about.... Im doing it right your getting in my way ... ! This you cant stop yourselves from doing ... but I nor any other man or oner female or oner male can forgive .... nor can the ideal.

It will happen in my lifetime ... the IDEAL will come about ....UNLESS - i dont procreate and i only have 4.5 years left to do that.

Tick Tock goes the clock.....! ALL that you think and all that you know is mainly wrong.

Im not going to go into the ins and outs of why it is that I need a girl to procreate with ... but she has to be older than 24 years of age and she (my breeding partner) will have blue eyes and freckles or maybe - green eyes but the symbolic seems to be highlighting that at the moment there is no immediately near or viable green eyed partner at the right age .... at least 24 maximum 27 .... (but 27 is pushing's a bit close to when she will become a demon)

You see the hierarchical ladder is like this

at the top is the ideal ..... Boy and girl - Male and female
next level Oner male and oner female --- Man and woman.
Twoer male and twoer female ----- good/bad boy and good/bad girl
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